Hi girls!
We know that some of you will be heading off for Christmas break soon. Before you leave, don’t forget the following:
1. PICK UP your Christmas gift from the Admin Office (Available by Saturday, Dec 9)!
2. SWITCH OFF all lights and electric fans.
3. SHUT OFF the water faucets and showers.
4. CLOSE your windows.
5. SECURE all personal belongings, LOCK your cabinets and room doors. (And don’t forget your keys!)
6. UNPLUG all electronic devices/appliances (eg. Heater, microwave, lamp, etc.)
7. CHECK your bathroom for any leaks and REPORT maintenance problems to the admin office.
8. SETTLE your bills.
9. INFORM the dorm guard that you’re leaving for the Christmas break. And, if possible, when you’ll be back.
10. ENJOY the last days of 2017!
Have a safe and happy trip!
See you when you get back. 🙂

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